Customer Services Charter

We deliver a professional standard of service therefore we have a professional declaration.

Help clarify what people want from our services and target resources accordingly.

Focus employees on the work to improve services and promote quality, and ensure that their knowledge and experience is put to good use.

Encourage customers to provide feedback on how service is delivered.

Help drive and sustain a process of continuous improvement in service quality.

Support good relations with customers.

Best Service

We are committed to providing high standards of customer service. We start with listening and finding out what is important to you. The information you give us helps shape our services to meet your needs and expectations.
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We will set high standards of customer care and tell you how we are performing against them. Our aim will always be to deliver services as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whenever you contact us we want to make sure you receive the highest level of service. If you feel that we are falling short of these high standards please let us know.
We promise to:

Treat you with dignity and respect.
Respond to your enquiries promptly and efficiently.
Be helpful and responsive to your needs.
Communicate clearly and without using jargon.
Ensure our services are accessible and easy to use.
Be polite and professional at all times.
Apologise to you when we get things wrong and tell you when we will put them right.
Involve you when planning the delivery of our services and feedback the changes we have made.
Answer your query or find out the information you have requested as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Make sure everyone can access our services equally.

When you get in contact by letter, email or the internet, we will:

Respond as soon as possible.
If a reply is going to take longer than 10 working days, we will let you know and keep you up to date with progress.
Make sure our responses are clear, accurate, easy to understand and without jargon.
Provide you with contact details of the person dealing with your enquiry.

When we deliver to you we will:

Target a minimum 98% COTD rate.
All standard stocked items will be delivered within 5 days.

When we visit you we will:

Contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to visit.
Be on time.
Show identification.
Leave our contact details if you are out when we visit, letting you know who called, and how to contact us to rearrange the visit

When you want to return a product we will:

Collect and process your returns within 28 days of request.
Credit your account within 28 days of receipt of items.
Subject to inspection and re-stocking charge. (if applicable)
Answer any return queries within 24 hours.

When you submit a complaint, compliment or suggestion we will:

Respond as soon as possible.
If a reply is going to take longer than 10 working days, we will let you know and keep you up to date with progress.
If you are not satisfied with our response, process your appeal within 20 working days.
Actively seek your ideas and feedback, and act upon them in order to improve our services.
We welcome feedback on our performance, so we can know to what extent we are meeting your needs. If you have any comments or suggestions about improving our service, please let us know by emailing

To protect your confidentiality we will:

Ensure that all our staff are appropriately trained.
Handle all information you provide to us sensitively and confidentially.
Manage all your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
Make sure that your information will not be discussed with any unauthorised person.
Ask you to provide only relevant information and explain why we need it.

Further action:

If you are dissatisfied or have concerns about our day-to-day services, please discuss this with the person you dealt with or their supervisor, and we will try to resolve your concerns immediately.
If you are still not satisfied, please contact Your Print Guru on 0800 228 9119 or email who will respond within 10 working days.